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Once again you have exceeded my expectations. The pills arrived yesterday in perfect condition, thanks to your safe packaging.
Thanks again,

  • Daniel C.,
    Welland, Canada

Sildenafil consumers

Some frequently asked questions of Sildenafil consumers.

My wife died two years ago after she had been suffering from the serious illness for five years. Now I am morally ready for intimate relationships with other woman but I had no sex for such a long time that I am afraid of failure. Therefore I don't dare to date somebody before I am sure I'll be up the mark. Do you recommend I try Sildenafil citrate to be sure I will have a normal erection?

It is obvious that you are not going to return to having an active sex life, if you're not convinced that all your doubts concerning an erection are groundless. In my opinion, you can try Sildenafil during masturbation to be convinced of the ability to have erection.

My problems with an erection began about five years ago when I started therapy against hypertension. Will Sildenafil citrate help me?

Pharmacotherapy causes erection often enough. Indeed, if hypertension is a real reason for erection disorders, frustration is usually a constriction of penis arteries and decrease in their elasticity. However, hypotensive drugs have a negative influence on erection themselves. I personally have prescribed Sildenafil to many patients who suffered from impotence because of reception of hypotensive drugs. And all of them were rather happy with results.

However, before to taking Sildenafil, you'd better see your doctor concerning the replacement of one hypotensive drug with another one, which probably will not influence your sexual life in such a way. Two kinds of hypotensive drugs - inhibitors ACE and calcium channel prohibitors - influence potency less than others.

If I got it right, the maximal daily doze of Sildenafil citrate is 100mg. Does it mean I can prolong the effect of a medicine if I take two pills of 50mg or four pills of 25mg at regular intervals in the same day?

Indeed, there are 100mg Sildenafil pills. But the patients are usually recommended to take the minimum-effective doze at a time. If you begin to take smaller dozes, say, one half in the morning and another half in the evening, efficiency of a medicine can decrease. For comparison, if you go upstairs half a way twice a day you will not get to the second floor. Likewise, if a medicine stays in blood for a long time (though at smaller concentration), you will face a higher risk of side effects.

I do not consider myself to be impotent because I can reach erection and ejaculation during masturbation. But my religion considers masturbation as a sin. Unfortunately, I am not that lucky when I deal with a woman and I do not tolerate myself to other forms of sexual activity due to moral belief. Will Sildenafil help me?

Quite probably! You are the one of those men who suffer from a so-called situational impotence. Sometimes they experience normal erection and ejaculation and do not in some other situations. It can really ruin a man's sex life very much. They cannot receive satisfaction from masturbation and oral sex with the partner and, sometimes, because of realization they do something bad according to their beliefs, they cannot reach full erection even when their relationships are not 'forbidden'. I would certainly prescribe Sildenafil in your case, and, I hope it will help you.

I would like to try Sildenafil, and I hope I will be lucky and this medicine will relieve me of impotence. But can I hope that I will have erection every time I will take Sildenafil?

Not necessarily. Nevertheless, if you begin to take Sildenafil your chances of success will increase immeasurably. The matter is that even with Sildenafil the success of sex depends on many factors such as relationship of partners, meeting entourage, sex games and prelude to sex, mood of both partners, a physical condition, tiredness, etc. And, the last but not the least, if you quarrel and argue with your girlfriend, Sildenafil will be not help anyway.

My patients, who took Sildenafil and observed all these rules, told they had a good sex after each time they took the drug.

It is known that Sildenafil citrate helps to reach and keep erection. But can Sildenafil citrate help to overcome my anxiety and uncertainty in relationship?

Yes, it can. Indirectly. Many men feel a certain anxiety about sex. They worry about whether they will manage to have an erection. This anxiety causes problems even if a man has a successful sex-life. Sildenafil helps such men to make sex easier; and it secures against possible sex failures in a way.

I've been taking the injections against impotence for three years already and now I'd like to try Sildenafil. I want to ask whether my long-term injection therapy reduces my chances for success with Sildenafil?

You have nothing to lose. And in any case you can always return to your original therapy. And the fact you have been practicing sex all these previous years on the contrary increases the probability of a positive effect of Sildenafil since your erection system is OK but sensitivity is a little bit lowered.

If your penis does not receive an influx of fresh blood rich with oxygen periodically, conjunctive tissue begins to grow up in body tissues and genitals partly lose its elasticity. That is why the penis cannot react adequately to exciting signals of nervous system; it just cannot store the inflow of blood necessary for erection.

What reasons does a doctor need to prescribe Sildenafil to his patient?

The minimal dosage of Sildenafil (25mg) is usually prescribed to patients with liver malfunctions, which prevents from decomposition of Sildenafil Citrate and deducing of metabolites from body. I prescribe to the majority of my patients a medium dose of medicine (50mg) for triple reception. If no results are noted, I prescribe 10mg of Sildenafil but I never start with such a dose.

Will Sildenafil citrate work faster and longer if I take a bigger dose?

There is no proof that a larger dosage operates more quickly and longer. How prompt you will experience the effects of Sildenafil citrate depends on your mood and what is in your stomach (reception of a medicine on a full stomach slows down its absorption). Though the effect of bigger dozes of Sildenafil citrate theoretically is to last longer, having taken a minimal dose, all my patients were more than happy about the four-hour period of the Sildenafil citrate effect.

I am an impotent for ten years, and it is oh so difficult to realize. So difficult that I have decided not even to think about sex at all and suppress any ideas on it. Because of these ideas, I feel completely unhappy. I understand very well that I am put of sex... Can Sildenafil citrate help me?

The issue here is that you need certain erotic stimulation to your psychology or body so that Sildenafil citrate would have an effect. Therefore, it might work with you too, though you suppressed your sexual desire long enough, and you should not to be ashamed at failures. You should be sure that Sildenafil citrate will help you to get normal erection and this will break all your bans and set your desire free. Sexual desire will become a part of your life again when you see you can realize them by means of Sildenafil citrate.


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